Site optimization of long tail keywords can not be ignored

Encyclopedia of Shanghai are related to the definition of love, here I just to do my lottery website program keywords optimization experience simple interpretation on the website: "although he is not a keyword but can bring certain traffic to the web site". I think this is his little difficulty, ranking quickly, can bring traffic.


here I used several methods: Keywords front with a certain geographical and rhetorical tone of voice. Keywords traffic statistics every day to see you, you may have a great harvest. Use the keyword expansion tool, according to their own set and choose some words. In our work in the learning process of a small, way of thinking and methods, we should pay attention to summing up the work.

mining method of long tail keywords

then to the lottery website for example: a lottery industry website has many categories, one is to sell lottery information station, the other is a lottery business station. I do the lottery website program 贵族宝贝yikuyun贵族宝贝/ is the enterprise site keywords station, we do is the lottery website program, his high accuracy, relatively more people search. In this subject we can extend many words as keywords, such as: professional lottery web application development company, lottery web application development which is good and similar words, words like search crowd not less but his competition is small, to bring us the flow is considerable. read more

Love Shanghai know strategy and analysis of identification and interception of advertising

with a IP question and answer, if not for beginners is to test the love of Shanghai automatically delete speed. With a IP, and immediately after ask questions vest for battle. The success rate of this situation as can be imagined. Can use a proxy server? I used a fast proxy server, but not landing love Shanghai account. It may be a proxy is used too much, love Shanghai precise monitoring. If the use of broadband is dynamic IP, restart the routing does not change IP OK? Because the computer cookies have recorded the IP IP transform, after answering the questions, love Shanghai will prompt an unknown error. This "error" is most successful "double answer". Love Shanghai this "wrong" bug, believe that soon it will repair.


sensitive words, including political nature, and address, telephone, email etc.. Q contains political sensitive blacklist words inside, I’m afraid account how old, how high level are of no avail. Of course, in general, we have no need to knock down who, naturally we answer not on the rocks. But I tried once, not to subvert who is a foreign website to see over the wall to the domestic one event, and then to know the question. As for the web site, in the love of Shanghai trust list. Usually through, I sent the potatoes. If the anonymous website filter immediately. But the high level of account, this limit will be relaxed. Telephone, mail the situation is similar. read more

4 methods of fast page load time

The number of The

3, CSS and Javascript integration

The contents of the cache control

attribute of the image itself is relatively large, reduce the image loading time can significantly reduce the page load time. Save the page settings, is to export the image compressed file size. And don’t forget the HTML code to specify the size of the original file. If the image size is not specified, the web browser will mean to take the time to treatment, which will increase the loading time.

Apache server, can the actual adjustment expired or cache control header attribute, is similar to a Windows server process, involving HTTP client cache element operation. If your site is managed by WordPress, then the static page to download and install the WP plug-in and WP super cache can greatly speed up the page load time. > read more

About Google refused to link tools, you should also know that thing


in fact, when you will be a garbage link submitted to the disavow links tool, Google spider next grab this link, it will give the link to add a nofollow tag, then this link will not share the page weight, spider will not crawl again, it will not as the site of the chain continue to exist.

Contacted owner of # shady贵族宝贝 on 7/1/2012 to

, Google’s John Mueller said: to link as inbound links will still exist in the administrator tools. According to common sense, since refused, it should disappear in the chain administrator tools, at present still exists, so there is no way to link the effective time of the observed rejection……

ask for link removal but got # no respo>

Google refused to link tools, namely disavow links, since its launch in October 16, 2012 more than a year, but about whether this tool works, many webmaster confusion: submitted a list of links to, but still have not seen the administrator tools in the chain of garbage in reducing; which links the submission which links is not necessary? Not long after the submission submission? Good?…… To solve these problems, the specific situation? Let us know. read more

Google will update the PR value of stationmaster are you ready

today from Austria (a valley has been concerned about the Google dynamic website) a message, it is to let people full of excitement., what? Is the Google PR value will soon be updated

related knowledge


since Google PR value will be updated, as a webmaster, what should be done? I think too much, but it is recommended that the following, I believe there will be help.

may see this message, a friend also began to buy lots of full of excitement., links, as everyone knows, you do, may be a bad thing, as long as you stand the normal update, rich in content and health, the construction of the chain is usually normal, then you will be good news, not so tense;


in the last PageRank update or something in January this year, and in a few days or a few weeks later, we will see second times this year’s update. The Matt Cutts should not be such a high-profile response to the Page Rank update problem ah, not to dilute the PageRank read more

Reflections on wine and sewage law in website optimization

in any organization, there are a few hard figures, the purpose of their existence seems to have made a mess of things. The worst thing is that they like the fruit box rotten apple, if not timely treatment, it will rapidly spread to other apple fruit box up. Scary rotten apple, lies in its destructive. A man of integrity into a chaotic sector may be swallowed up, and a non German will soon become a highly efficient sector lacking spirit of cooperation. The organization system is often fragile, is built on the basis of mutual understanding, compromise and tolerance, it is easy to abuse, be poisoned. Another important reason is that saboteur extraordinary, easier to destroy than to build. The ceramics a skilled craftsmen spend time carefully crafted, a donkey, a second can destroy. If there is such a donkey in an organization, even if there are more skilled craftsmen, nor the number of decent work. If there is such a donkey your organization, you should have it removed immediately, if you are unable to do so, you should tie it up. So, whether there is wine and sewage law in website optimization? We think carefully, there is. read more

Guess one or two points from the Lee article

, thank you! The

LEE said. Web1.0 era, content is the website editor, the vote is also carried out on the site, the traditional search engine to the website to vote as the basis, establish the weight system based on hyperlink analysis.

Web2.0 era, the main content creation began to change for users to vote form from a single super chain extension for sharing, evaluation, grading and other forms, with a single user for the size of voting, can better reflect the value of the site.

to achieve the sharing, evaluation, evaluation and etc. firstly, the content must be readable, but users need the. Take stationmaster net, in order to achieve the purpose of evaluation, the score, their content pages generally have such user click options, as shown below:

Of course, such a

we used to think out of the high rate of page, certainly not what value. But if the page with the length of time to stay, will be more reliable. The user in the page to stay longer, at least in the search engine, it is more useful to the user. If the user through the station link to jump to other pages of course better, if direct exit, that bounce rate pressure do not constitute root problem. So here I think, when the chain to ensure the best correlation, then the page is best to do a good user experience, the related link station to do the best is reading related articles, such as intimate search like that. The computer assembled from 贵族宝贝 feeds, please respect the original read more

Optimization of seven regulations an excellent staff must abide by the Shanghai Dragon

Accurate positioning of the

rule three: purification ", not greedy

rule four: focus on the density, the amount can be


density is the density of key words, many webmaster or optimization very tangled so-called keyword density! In fact as long as you don’t over the keywords stack, and in the article can.

by virtue of their own a little experience, as we sum up seven optimization regulations an excellent staff must abide by the Shanghai dragon. According to the A5 editor, AC Shanghai dragon has the network spread a commonplace talk of an old scholar, pseudo original, excessive, Liu is from a practical point of view, read for everyone.

"content is king" has become everyone’s spoken language! But the general website is not so much time to edit the content and creation of the. So many webmaster through the collection to realize the site filled! Now it actually is quite appropriate, but it does not meet the Shanghai dragon circles humanitarian, and collection of articles is a "second-hand", so the quality and purity as can be imagined. Acquisition worth mentioning, but the content is king, it should be real, practical, able to help others, but the content is not nonsense. read more

How to improve the quality of potential customers for keywords

what is the potential customers search

may have to guide! The article is very useful, so every day I write the day to write a guide, 100, may have experience of web series will find that the guide is difficult to write, especially the description of the title, because it contains the long tail keywords in the title, these long tail keywords are the user is often to search, select in the long tail keywords at the same time, you have to check the search engine is not such a title has written a lot of others. Such as the "prize.the training tuition is before" this article, as the title of the full page, you should take this article to write this into love Shanghai top, in addition to writing, but also to promote, but also do a lot of optimization and promotion, Shanghai dragon, the optimization results, not half will be able to see out. In this way, not only the efficiency, but also a waste of manpower, energy. read more

By the enterprise do hot words look at the major index tool platform

What is the most popular enterprise The

Taobao index



love Shanghai billboard

? Content which keywords, commodities, and other hot news is the user search, the enterprise wants to do Internet marketing, want to use the hot occasion to hype it, where to go to find those who are users concerned about the heat keywords? In 37 network for everyone to tidy up the data the index tool platform.


this is the platform for big data search and exploration of love Shanghai analysis, the hot trend of a keyword index do love Shanghai statistics. You can search in a hot commodity, a recent analysis keywords here, you can also change the trend of mobile PC and different view, very detailed.


a lot of popular search here, which is also the focus of attention of many Internet workers. Shanghai love covers the Billboard Hot News, entertainment, education, character, novels, games, sports, science and technology, life, cars and other search hot words. There are also regional benchmark and population benchmark, data analysis for the field of vertical segments is very helpful. read more