Cape Town doctor sings for the children’s hospital

first_imgA Cape Town paediatric oncologist is using his music to raise funds for transformational initiatives at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.Dr Marc Hendricks releases his first solo album, Upright Citizen, on 22 April 2017. Proceeds from sales will be given to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, where he is a paediatric oncologist. (Images supplied)Melissa JavanDr Marc Hendricks, a paediatric oncologist, is keeping both his dreams alive. The singer and songwriter is launching his debut solo album, Upright Citizen on 22 April 2017 and in the process is also fundraising for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, where he works.He will release the album at a show at the Artscape theatre in Cape Town, and says the proceeds of the show and sales of the CDs will go to the haematology oncology department at Red Cross.Upright Citizen is Hendricks’ fourth musical release, his second full album and first solo album. “This debut album shares Hendricks’ stories, sometimes intimate, always honest, traversing the story of his life, family and work inspired by his earliest love affairs with music and creative writing,” reads a press release.In the late 1990s, Hendricks collaborated with his friend and musician, Gavin Goldberg, to record the two singles, Danger (1999) and Satisfy (2000). In 2001, they released the album Clear.An upright citizenHis mother, a music lover, bought a dark wood, Ibach upright piano from a store in Wynberg, Cape Town in 1975, when her eldest daughter was eight years old, Hendricks explains on his website. His mother’s desire was that each of her children learn to play at least one music instrument.“Back then, R1,000 was a fortune for someone on a teacher’s salary but my mom was determined. That was to become the instrument that we would all learn to play on,” he writes.“Both my parents and my older sisters have great singing voices. We would sing in three-part harmony while doing the dishes… We all learned our musical chops in church.”Both his sisters learned the piano as well as the tenor recorder and flute. “I took to the piano but ‘dropped out’ of formalised teaching early, in preference for learning at my sisters’ feet (or hands) and ‘doing my own thing’, which was how my writing started.“I already knew then that singing was in my DNA.”His sisters married and moved away, he says, but the upright piano stayed behind.This is where his journey with the family piano started — their long hours of storytelling began. “After university, I moved out of home and the upright came with me spanning a period of roughly 20 years during which we continued to write together.“About a year ago I renovated my home and now with fewer walls left to host a conspicuous upright, it sadly had to return to my parents’ home. She (the upright piano) now occupies pride of place in the family room next to the kitchen, a familiar friend in the city of memories that is the story of my family.“I am unashamedly her citizen. She gave me these stories.”Watch Dr Marc Hendricks perform his composition Bird Song for the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town’s 100 Centenary performance:Brand South Africa journalist Melissa Javan spoke to Hendricks:Melissa Javan: How many children are treated at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital monthly and yearly?Dr Marc Hendricks: I can’t say. Across all services in the in- and outpatient services, visits must run into the thousands per annum. In haematology oncology, where I work, we see approximately 150 new patients a year.MJ: What is the importance of the oncology department at Red Cross?MH: The Red Cross Oncology unit is one of 10 academic units around the country that treat children with cancer, bone marrow failure syndromes and blood disorders.We form part of a national community of service providers along with colleagues in the private sector who function under the rubric of the South African Children’s Cancer Study Group. Under this banner, along with our non-governmental partners, we strive to deliver the best comprehensive cancer care to children under our care.MJ: What are your highlights of working as a doctor at Red Cross?MH: There are many. The kids are wonderful.We get to form long-term relationships with our patients and families. I am also fortunate enough to work in a building with colleagues who are prepared to go the extra mile for the kids. This makes hard work less hard.MJ: What do you hope to achieve with your CD, Upright Citizen?MH: Firstly, it’s the launch of my debut CD which has taken 20 months to complete. I want to do it justice on the night [of the release performance] and to give it a platform for the music to become better known.Secondly, the money I collect from ticket sales is going to the hospital for some of the transformation projects we have planned for the department.MJ: Have you done a charity event for Red Cross before?MH: I have organised events for Red Cross before as part of the Faculty of Health Sciences Centenary Celebrations in 2012, an art exhibition called “My One Hundred Wishes for Tomorrow”, which was a collaboration with the Peter Clark Art Centre, and a show called Uhambo: The Journey.They weren’t strictly fundraisers but events meant to highlight the activities of the hospital as they relate to the children that we serve.MJ: Working with sick children must be emotionally draining. What keeps you motivated?MH: You have to do something away from work that keeps you going, whatever that is — music, sport, hiking, dogs.Everyone has something that gives them balance. For me one of those things is music.MJ: With the launch of your CD, will you still be working as a doctor or do you plan to sing full time?MH: No, I intend to do exactly what I’m doing now, which is having the best of both worlds. I also, like everyone else, have a bond to pay [smiling].Anyway, I also have my PhD to finish. Life takes desire and discipline (and endurance). If you can pull that off, you can do pretty much anything.There are plenty of people like me (doctors, I mean specifically) who are great artists or musicians.I think Oscar Wilde said: “Be a verb not a noun”. So, I heal, sing and write, cook, and various other things, none of which are mutually exclusive.Over the years, Dr Marc Hendricks has composed for local artists — by himself or in collaboration — including Judith Sephuma, Peter Grant and Naomi Suzuki.MJ: How do you juggle your two passions of music and medicine?MH: You have to manage your time well otherwise things pass you by.Only you are responsible for making your dreams come true, no-one else. No-one owes you anything. You have to get up and do the work.MJ: Tell us a bit about the work you did on Upright Citizen.MH: [It took] about 20 months altogether to complete.It took about six to eight months working with my amazing producer and friend, Amanda Tiffin, on all the compositional work. We started recording last September at Paris Studios in Fish Hoek.The mastering and mixing was done by the incredible Tim Leitner in New York at Sound Carver Records.All the other organising, design and putting the show together with Artscape happened in parallel.The key is to work with good people who know their craft, are partners in the creative process and are as excited about the work as you are. It’s been an absolute blast, worth every ounce of sacrifice. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.MJ: How do you feel about your upcoming live performance?MH: Excited! Like I say, I surrounded myself with an amazing team of directors, musicians and technical staff so it’s all systems go now.MJ: Lastly, what made you decide to become a doctor?MH: Neither medicine nor music were my first choice as a career, which goes to show just how little you know about anything when you have just matriculated.I always wanted to be a vet actually, being completely obsessed with animals. But by a happy “mistake” I chose medicine after I left school for various complicated reasons.The music chose me. I have been singing since I was a toddler crawling around my parents’ legs in church and I have been doing music ever since.Singing and playing piano grew into songwriting and here I am: a paediatric oncologist singer songwriter – [it’s] mad really but very fulfilling!Red Cross War Memorial Children’s HospitalThe Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, in Rondebosch in Cape Town, was built in 1956.It is the largest, standalone tertiary hospital dedicated entirely to child healthcare in Southern Africa, according to its website. The hospital is a public, tertiary hospital as well as a teaching hospital for the University of Cape Town.“This iconic children’s hospital is world-renowned and is committed to delivering world-class paediatric treatment, care, research and specialist training,” states the website.There are about 260,000 patient visits a year, the majority of whom are from exceptionally poor and marginalised communities. One third of the patients are younger than a year.Sources: The Children’s Hospital Trust, Artscape Theatre and you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa materiallast_img read more

Dairy photo highlights and results

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Photos by Lea Kimley. Wayne Co.’s David Miley with his Five Year Old Cow. In the Red and White show, Garrett Havens shows his Senior Three Year Old. Adam Wolf of Wayne Co. focuses in on the judge Blake Greiwe, Logan Co., exhibits his Ayrshire. Adam Wolf of Wayne Co. with his Ayrshire In the Ayrshire ring is Ashley Hawvermale with her champion fall calf. Alex Weiss of Weissway Farms exhibits his first place Milking Shorthorn. Royalty in the house! Ruby Withers (left) the 2018 Ohio Milking Shorthorn Princess and Juliana Baker 2018 Ohio Milking Shorthorn Little Ambassador. Madilyn Baker of Carroll Co. circling the ring with her Milking Shorthorn. Madilyn Baker of Carroll Co. shows her Milking Shorthorn. Kristopher Ackley, Logan Co.,picturing his champion Holstein cow The judge selects his overall champion Holstein Aaron Berg of Bellville exhibits his five year old cow Cora Gunkelman of Medina Co. sets up her cow Kristopher Ackley, Logan Co., shows his champion Holstein to the judgeHolsteinTotal animals shown: 111 Exhibitors: 65 YRP Grand Champion (Senior Champion) Exhibitor: Kris Ackley Animal: Chakelburg Evasion Kaught Sire: Belthuis SG Envision- ETSDOB: 2.21.2014 YRP Reserve Grand Champion (Senior Res. Champion) Exhibitor: Taylor Birkemeier Animal: Marste Gold Chip Cher Sire: Mr Chassity Gold ChipDOB: 03.01.2014 YRP Intermediate Champion Exhibitor: Garrett Havens Animal: Brookview Sid Loverslane Sire: Pine-Tree Sid-ET YRP Reserve Intermediate Champion Exhibitor: Brennan Topp Animal: Toppglen Defiant Wowwee Sire: Scientific B Defiant-ET Junior Holstein ChampionExhibitor: Tim GunklemanAnimal: Savage-Leigh Gotta Look-ESire: Pine Tree Sid- ET Junior Holstein Res. ChampionExhibitor: David MileyAnimal: Milry Avalanche GenesseeSire: Dymentholm Mr App Avala Senior Showmanship (15 and over) 1. Marrisa ToppDavid MileyTim GunkelmanVictoria DeamCole Pond Intermediate Showmanship (12-14) 1. Olivia FinkeEmily DeamLauren LamerouxLogan ToppGrace Gunkleman Junior Showmanship (11 and under) 1. Wyatt SchlaughLily FinkeColton ThomasLily ElsassAmelia Sammatinger    Red and WhiteTotal animals shown: 49YRP Grand Champion (Champion Senior) Exhibitor: Madeline Topp Animal: Balmoral Lars Aurianna- Re Sire: Willsboro Larson-ET YRP Reserve Grand Champion (Champion Intermediate) Exhibitor: Elaina Lahmers Animal: Lah-Dale Malone Shine-ReSire: AIR-OSA-MLE-Malone-R YRP Intermediate Res. Champion Exhibitor: Ally Cupps Animal: Pine Tree Rebel 6681-Red-USA Sire: Air Osa Mle Malone- Red- E YRP Senior Res. Champion Exhibitor: David Miley Animal: Miley Redburst GlitzSire: Lookout P Redburst Senior Showmanship (15 and over) 1. David MileyAlly CuppsJenna Griffith Intermediate Showmanship (12-14)Madeline ToppLauren LamoreauCora GunkelmanElania LahmersKody Pond Junior Showmanship (11 and Under)Lilly ElsassLydia KavermanKennley SiegristKaleb PondCarissa Pittman AyshireTotal animals shown: 48 Exhibitors: 23 YRP Grand Champion Exhibitor: Marissa Topp Animal: Toppglen Wishful Thinking Sire: De La Plaine Prime YRP Reserve Grand Champion Exhibitor: Logan Topp Animal: Toppglen Berkelys Wyanet Sire: Palmyra Bending Berkley-ET YRP Junior Champion Exhibitor: Ashley Hawvermale Animal: Hawver Crest Showgirl_ET Sire: Palmyra Berkley Reagan-E YRP Reserve Junior Champion Exhibitor: Kelly Hawvermale Animal: Hawver Crest Showgirl_ET Sire: Palmyra Berkley Reagan-E Senior Showmanship (15 and over) 1. Lane Greiwe 2. Ashley Hawvermale 3. Marissa Topp 4. Emma Days 5. Carson Wyatt Intermediate Showmanship (12-14) 1. Blake Greiwe 2. Maggie Mathews 3. Logan Topp 4. Hailee Rehmert 5. Adam Wolf Junior Showmanship (11 and under) 1. Kelly Hawvermale 2. Kale Hamker 3. Ava Lahmers 4. Levi Rehmert 5. Julianne Headings Milking ShorthornTotal animals shown: 39 Total exhibitors: 20 YRP Grand Champion Exhibitor: Aubree Topp Animal: Topp-View Liriano Sire: Liriano YRP Reserve Grand Champion Exhibitor: Sarah Rhoades Animal: North Stars SirachaSenior Showmanship (15 and over) 1. Sarah Rhoades 2. Alex Weiss 3. Jackson Pelino 4. Jess KikoIntermediate Showmanship (12-14) 1. Madeline Baley 2. Katie Weiss 3. Carrie Rhoades 4. Lily SpechtJunior Showmanship (11 and under) 1. Breanna Welina 2. Henry WeissCharlie Weisslast_img read more

14 days ago​Berbatov says Spurs should snub Mourinho for Pochettino

first_img​Berbatov says Spurs should snub Mourinho for Pochettinoby Freddie Taylor14 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer Manchester United and Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov thinks Spurs should not hire Jose Mourinho.There are rumours suggesting that Mourinho is primed for a return to the Premier League, after he rejected French giants Lyon in the past week.Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino is under a bit of pressure after a poor start to the season.But Berbatov thinks Spurs should persevere with Pochettino.He told reporters: “Pochettino is the guy that needs to stay there, he’s been there for a long time.”There has been a lot of talk about Mourinho taking over at Spurs, I think he would have difficulty as well.”Would he make Spurs better? I don’t know because it is the same team.”Yes you can have a bit of a lift in the beginning, like Manchester United did when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came in.”Then you need to keep going otherwise you are going to slip into a spiral.”I remember Sir Alex Ferguson telling us a team needs to be changed when four years passes.”Not the whole team but players. After four years some players start to get complacent and they aren’t challenged.”They are in with the manager and they are comfortable, so a manager needs to shake things up and bring in new player.”I was thinking that this could be the case with Spurs, a lot of the players have been there a long time.”Maybe they need to shake things up and try to push the players in a way.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Shoal Lake steps up pressure on Winnipeg over water rights

first_imgAPTN National NewsA First Nation in Ontario is accusing Winnipeg of stealing their most precious resource: water.For over a century, residents of Winnipeg have taken their driving water from Shoal Lake First Nation.And all that time, Shoal Lake has never received a dime.Now Winnipeg is planning to sell that water to surrounding municipalities.As APTN National News reporter Meagan Fiddler found out, members of the First Nation are increasing the pressure on the government to negotiate a deal.last_img

Charlie Lake Elementary student raises over 13k for cancer patients in Fort

first_imgLandon said he was inspired to raise the money after his grandmother Suzanne Sutherland shaved her head while undergoing chemotherapy treatment last fall. Sutherland was diagnosed with lung cancer five years ago. Landon’s mom Jackie Tolsma said that Landon’s inspiration for the fundraiser came while his family was shopping for scarves for his grandmother.Though he might not have his hair at the moment, Landon will be continuing the fundraiser until March 31st. To donate to the campaign, contact Jackie Tolsma by phone at (250) 262-6224, or email [email protected] of the donations received will be posted on the Landon’s Wish Facebook group page: FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — 10 year-old Charlie Lake Elementary School student Landon Tolsma had probably one of his most exciting and nerve-wracking lunch hours today.Tolsma, who turns 11 on Sunday, had the close to seven inches of hair that he’s been growing since October shaved off today to raise money for cancer patients in Fort St. John and Dawson Creek. A fundraiser that was launched by his family almost three weeks ago brought in over $13,000 from an initial goal to raise $1,500 to buy scarves and other essentials for those battling with cancer. A bake sale at Charlie Lake Elementary brought in over $700 of the total on Wednesday and Thursday. Photo by Chris Newton Photo by Chris Newton Photo by Chris Newton Photo by Chris Newton Photo by Chris Newton Photo by Chris Newton Jackie and Landon Tolsma show off his new Charlie Lake Elementary Lakers toque. Photo by Chris Newton Jackie and Landon Tolsma show off his new Charlie Lake Elementary Lakers toque. Photo by Chris Newton last_img read more

Court sentences convict Yakub Pataliya to life imprisonment

first_imgAhmedabad: A special SIT court in Gujarat on Wednesday sentenced a man to life imprisonment in the 2002 Godhra train carnage case.The court of Special SIT judge H C Vora convicted Yakub Pataliya based on submissions made earlier in the case by five other accused. Pataliya was arrested by the Godhra Police in January 2018, nearly 16 years after being booked in connection with the incident in which 59 ‘karsevaks’ were burnt alive in two coaches of the Sabarmati Express. His trial was held at a special court set up at the Sabarmati Central Jail here. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’He was accused of being a part of the mob that torched the coaches of Sabarmati Express near the Godhra railway station on February 27, 2002, killing 59 ‘karsevaks’ and triggering state-wide riots. Earlier, the special SIT court convicted 31 people in the case on March 1, 2011. It later awarded death sentence to 11 of them and life imprisonment to 20 others. However, the Gujarat High Court in October 2017 commuted the death sentence of 11 convicts to life imprisonment while upholding the punishment awarded by the special SIT court to 20 others. The special court sentenced two men — Farooq Bhana and Imran Sheri — to life imprisonment in August last year and acquitted three others, identified as Hussain Suleman Mohan, Kasam Bhamedi and Faruk Dhantiya, all of whom were arrested after 2011.last_img read more

IT officials seize cash gold worth over Rs 4cr

first_imgKolkata: After conducting reconnaissance in disguise for several days, Income Tax officials seized Rs 1.5 crore of unaccounted cash and 8 kg of gold worth Rs 2.63 crore from hawala operators in Bengal, an official said on Thursday. “Based on credible inputs regarding suspicious activities of unaccounted cash and gold trading activities being carried out at Burra Bazar area and nearby places, our officials seized more than Rs 1.5 crore in cash and 8 kg of gold biscuits worth Rs 2.63 crore in two days from hawala operators and unaccounted gold traders,” an IT official said. During the search and seizure operation, several incriminating physical and electronic evidences were seized, the official said. IT officials have so far seized over Rs 28.77 crore of unaccounted cash, jewellery and bullion from the state after the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections, the official said.last_img read more

TCI PDM Chairman Blows Harder

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, January 4, 2018 – Providenciales – In a shameless effort to distract from the real matter at hand which is the New Years Day incident at Taylor Bay, one must remind the PDM and its Chairman that they have control of the reins of government!  How foolish do you have to be to blame the PNP for your very own unofficial/official public relations officer running with a false story about the Second All Island Elected Member joining the PNP?   Nice to see you remember she is on your team.  We of course would welcome Hon. Connolly and others back home with open arms, as the PNP is the only Big Tent Party in the Turks and Caicos Islands.We have now heard from the Minister of Tourism, and latterly from the Member for Cheshire Hall.   What has happened to the Premier and Minister of Finance at whose desk the buck stops?   Has the “BEST MAN FOR THE JOB” gone into hiding or is it because the offender is a dear friend of her favourite Ministerial Colleague? Premier, it is your responsibility to govern and not just make excuses for your lack of ability.You all are being paid handsomely to do the country’s business, so please put your shoulders to the wheel and execute.   If you need help, just ask, since you are still seem dumfounded as to what to do except play the blame game.   Otherwise, as the saying goes, “if you cant do it then get up off the pot”!Royal S. RobinsonChairman, PNP4.1.17 Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more