first_imgCalabasas I win again Re “More cops? Maybe not” (Nov. 7): A couple of weeks ago some of my friends and I started a pool. We each got to pick the name of one half-wit on the City Council who would come up with an idea to steal some of trash tax to balance the budget. The trash-increase money was sold to voters as a promise to be used for more cops, period. So much for the word of public servants. If our do-nothing mayor allows this to happen, then maybe he and any council member that is for this theft should be run out of office. As for Bernard Parks, and his ambition for higher office, there are quite a few of us who will donate as long as he runs for some office that is out of California. – George Timko West Hills Never enough Re “More cops? Maybe not” (Nov. 7): The city can never get enough money. Thanks for keeping us abreast of the latest spending and broken promises, Daily News. Could you do one thing more? Could you publish the city’s annual budget? It would be interesting to let the readers and citizens have a say or a poll in how the money is being spent. – David Crowley Tujunga The majority Re “Hospital project survives” (Nov. 8): I applaud the City Council for having the foresight to understand the importance of this issue. Taking a page from Councilman Richard Alarc n – sometimes good friends disagree. I know it is difficult to vote against another council member, especially when the vote involves that councilman’s district. But Alarc n needs to understand he was voted to office to represent the majority of us in Mission Hills. The Majority has spoken. – Tim Powell Mission Hills Writers strike I agree with Steve Allen when he said that Hollywood is a sewer. Screenwriters working in that degenerate environment can not expect to get much sympathy for their strike from the general public. Hopefully the strike will go on long enough so that the public tires of reality and news shows. If this causes some of the media executives to be fired, that would be a step in the right direction. Fortunately Steve Allen, who had good morals, is not around to see how low television shows have degraded themselves. – Sion Colvin Woodland Hills Van Nuys Re “Council OKs Lake Balboa expansion” (Nov. 2): There are those opposed to the name-change expansion approved on Nov. 2 on a 10-0 vote by the City Council who bitterly complain that this will create a hardship for those remaining in what remains as Van Nuys, and that it is a slap at the history of Van Nuys. As a resident of this community for over 54 years, it is more likely a slap at the politicians and illegal immigrants who have allowed this historical city to literally become a garbage dump. – William P. Mouzis Lake Balboa No doubts Re “It’s immoral” (Your Opinions, Nov. 2): It’s obvious to me that Nshan Rubenian missed the point of my letter regarding the passing by our Congress of a nonbinding resolution calling the murder of all those Armenians over 100 years ago a “genocide.” I cast no doubts that it happened; I never suggested we forget it or 9-11. My point was: What possible benefit will accrue to today’s Armenians, or anybody else, whether our Congress calls it genocide, holocaust, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, re-education (remember Cambodia?), atrocities, or any other politically correct name? When Congress passes these useless resolutions, they are not necessarily voicing the views of all Americans, but their own views as paid for by various lobbyists. So, why does it matter what name they put on the event? – Jerry Schwartz Granada Hills Humanitarian President Bush has vetoed a bill, and threatened to veto any subsequent bill, that would help to furnish health care to the children of this country “because it is too costly.” Yet, he is spending trillions of dollars and human lives on a war in the Middle East that has nothing to do with 9-11. Now that’s what I call a humanitarian. – Irving Leemon Northridge Veterans Day With approach of Veterans Day, I cannot help but reflect upon the daily receipt of mail solicitations from numerous worthy veterans-related organizations representing veterans of current, recent and past conflicts. It is a national disgrace that most of these entities, which support the basic needs of combat-disabled veterans (and the immediate families of those slain), are not overabundantly funded by the federal and local governments. This situation is repugnant when one considers the usual government waste compounded by the massive outlay of tax dollars directed to the welfare and education of illegal residents. A fraction of these resources could be diverted to these brave men and women who served our country for the good of all – position on the current conflicts notwithstanding. – Harris S. Goldman Tarzana `At the tone …’ Re “Untimely” (Your Opinions, Nov. 7): I agree, why take the Telephone Time Lady? I, my kids and my grandkids call on New Year’s Eve just to hear “At the tone the time will be. …” And who doesn’t call in on the morning after daylight saving? I don’t want to hear the name of the telephone company and the silly music. Bring back the familiar voice. – Judi DeBilzan Granada Hills Brief news I like the new daily briefing boxes in the Daily News. They are a good “brief” story of events “In a box.” It almost brings TV brief newscasting “In a box” to the newspaper. – Jack Botwin Sylmar More on outsourcing I have an idea. Why don’t we outsource the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan to Blackwater USA Inc., and bring our troops home? – Terry Haney West Hills 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! West Hills Or fire engines The “Gorillas in our midst” (Nov. 8) pointed out a beautiful new exhibit in the Los Angeles Zoo, which will house a few gorillas who had lived for years in their previous exhibit. Our Los Angeles City Council voted for the expenditure of funds for this exhibit amidst a lot of controversy. I wonder if the citizens of Los Angeles, if they had the chance, would have voted for this new exhibit at a cost of $19million, or would they have wanted 76 new fire engines for the same price? Fire engines cost a reported $250,000 apiece. – Robert Bergstrom Re “Primates have new home at L.A. Zoo” (Nov. 8): Four years ago our gorillas were packed off to Denver Zoo to escape barren outdated grottoes. Now they are back to lush new digs, with hibiscus, palms, pomegranates, etc. At night they can retire to a private hotel behind the exhibit. Now, where is the private hotel for our homeless sleeping in the streets of our city? Can our homeless escape from barren outdated sidewalks? No. Can they have the care and help they need? No. Are our apes better treated than our homeless? Yes, they are! What’s next? Cardinal Roger Mahony performing a Sunday Mass at the zoo for the gorillas? – Dante Rochetti last_img

Evolutionists Plan Secret Weapon for Kansas Debate

first_imgPro-evolution scientists have changed their mind and decided to join the hearings about the Kansas science standards, but haven’t released a list of witnesses.  Those in favor of the new standards, which call for critical thinking about evolution, have published a complete list.    On March 31, Geoff Brumfiel in Nature1 reported, “Biologists snub ‘kangaroo court’ for Darwin,” claiming that the hearings were rigged as a “political smokescreen” for a predetermined outcome, and they didn’t want to lend an air of credibility to the intelligent design movement.  That was the decision of Harry McDonald, president of Kansas Citizens for Science, a pro-evolution lobby.  Now, according to the Lawrence Journal-World, “in a surprise move, it appears that supporters of evolution will present their side May 12 through May 14” the week after the other side has their say.  But to the consternation of John Calvert (pro-ID lawyer) and the pro-ID members on the board favoring the new science standards, pro-evolution attorney Pedro Irigonegaray said “he would not reveal whom he may call as witnesses,” according to reporter Scott Rothschild.    The Wichita Eagle highlighted a spirited interchange between the combatants.  Calvert said “You cannot cross-examine an expert witness without preparation.  I’m a little bit perplexed about why these witnesses need to be kept secret, especially in light of the boycott.”  When fellow board member Connie Morris remarked that they need to know the list so they could be “praying over” their coming decision, Irigonegaray leaped on the statement like Huxley on Wilberforce: “Did you say praying over?” he asked, adding, “I’m just very disturbed that one of the reasons I have to do this is so the board can pray about it.”  The Wichita Eagle gave the last word to John Burch, a private investor concerned “that Kansas’ bioscience industry will suffer if the anti-evolution push continues,” said his side can’t play Mr. Nice Guy any more: “We can’t afford to be nice about this anymore to religious partisans.  We’ve really got to get serious.”    Supporters of the new standards have been very up front about their plans.  KansasScience2005.com displays the complete list of witnesses to be called May 5-7, and the proposed revisions to the science standards.  Irigonegaray said his side would spend no public funds for the hearings.  The Board had agreed to give Calvert up to $5000 to cover the cost of bringing in witnesses; in justifying the expense, Calvert said, “This is one of the most important issues facing education in the entire country.”  During the teleconference in which the latest decisions were made, the “combative” Irigonegaray countered, “We would object to the use of a single penny to conduct what we believe is a political process as opposed to a legitimate issue regarding science.”    Meanwhile, in California, Larry Caldwell is asking for a retraction from Eugenie Scott (National Center for Science Education) and the California Academy of Sciences for alleged false and defamatory claims about him during his year-long attempt to get the Roseville School District to permit criticisms of Darwin’s theory.  John West on the blog EvolutionNews remarked, “Has Scott found it so difficult to locate someone who actually fits her preconceived stereotype of a Bible-thumper trying to ban evolution that she must now resort to reinventing someone to fit her stereotype?  It will be interesting to see whether Scott and the California Academy of Sciences have the decency to correct the record.”Update  04/22/2005:  Some details of the Darwinist strategy were just revealed by Science Now, a pro-Darwin news source for the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  A news item entitled, “Scientists Gear Up to Battle Intelligent Design,” reveals that scientists and educators opposed to the new science standards plan to focus on the possible economic impact of the new standards.  This was the emphasis at a public meeting in Kansas on Thurs. 4/21:Yesterday’s meeting focused on the economic consequences of downplaying evolution in school curriculums.  “Most industries today want workers with analytical skills,” says microbiologist Charles Decedue, executive director of the Higuchi Biosciences Center at the University of Kansas (KU), which is dedicated to the development and transfer of bioscience technologies.  “ID does not foster analytical thinking because its arguments are faith-based.”  Leonard Krishtalka, an evolutionary biologist who directs the Biodiversity Institute at KU, predicts that ID instruction would also turn away potential investors. (Emphasis added in all quotes.)The meeting was part of an effort by John Burch to “build a broad coalition behind Darwin’s teachings,” the article states.  Interestingly, it gives the last word to Don Covington of the Intelligent Design Network, one of half a dozen ID supporters at the meeting.  He was not impressed with the economic arguments.  “Corporate executives don’t discuss Darwinism,” he countered.  “When kids find out that they are going to learn the truth, they might be excited to come here,” he argued, and it would make the state a magnet for families.1Geoff Brumfiel, “Biologists snub ‘kangaroo court’ for Darwin,” Nature 434, 550 (31 March 2005) | doi: 10.1038/434550a.This is turning into a contest to watch.  The most amazing thing about the Darwinist response is that it is a red herring strategy.  They want to scare the public into thinking anything other than 100% pure Darwin might hurt the economy.  That is really funny.  Apparently, they don’t want to touch the scientific case for ID with a ten foot strand of DNA.  This has all the earmarks of a desperate ploy by special interests who know they have a weak case.  Analytical skills?  Take this bacterial flagellum and analyze it.  “Faith-based” arguments?  No devotee is as incorrigible as a 33rd-degree Charlie worshiper (see 11/14/2004 entry about Priest Dawkins).  Covington should argue that Darwinists are bad for the economy, because they believe evolution made us liars (see 11/23/2004 and 11/19/2004 entries) and criminals (see 03/04/2005 entry).  If it’s embryonic stem cell research they have in mind that’s going to make Wichita the new boom town, do Kansans really want to gain the whole bandwagon and lose their own soul? (See 02/08/2005 entry.)  Kansas will do just fine economically without obligatory naturalism, just like Britain did after Faraday and Maxwell, both creationists.  Nobody on the board is proposing downplaying evolution, anyway – read the standards.  If anything, students will get more than before, this time fair and balanced.    Why should a Darwinist be disturbed that someone wants to pray over an important decision?  The Darwin Party keeps telling everyone that evolution is not a threat to one’s religious beliefs.  They stress how many evolutionists believe in God, and that belief in God is no issue at all, because “science” has nothing to say about faith.  This is the two-platoon strategy at work (see 01/14/2002 commentary).  Out of one mouth they try to soft-pedal any threats of Darwinian philosophy to religion, and out of the other mouth they scream and holler if someone prays about an important decision affecting the teaching of science.  Make up your mind, Darwinists: if the destruction of religion is what you believe in, at least everyone will know where you stand.  We’d also like a count on how many of you are Democrats (see 12/02/2004 entry).    Irigonegaray is grandstanding about the money.  $5,000 is nothing in a state budget, and is only fair, considering that some of the witnesses must be flown in from across the country.  The Board would have made the same amount available to him, as if he needed it with all the pro-Darwinian establishment on his side.  Who is he to play the martyr?  Stop the false piety; it doesn’t matter if you spend twice as much.  Let’s see you bring in some big brains who can tell us how life evolved out of a chemical soup, or how molecular machines learned ballet (see 04/13/2005 entry), without resorting to just-so stories or defining your opposition out of the game.  Have them tell us why Darwinism is such a sacred belief that it cannot be critically examined by anyone except those initiated into the rituals of the Temple of Charlie, whose survivors turn into lobotomized robots quacking “evolution is a fact, like gravity.”    Sorry, but our memory banks don’t recall any instance of pro-Darwin advocates in Kansas being nice.  They tell jokes about Kansas being the Land of Oz, threaten that universities will not accept Kansas grads, or spread fear about loss of revenues for research.  They make it sound like the scientific revolution began with Darwin, when in fact, science had a long creationist history that continues to the present (see online book).  The opponents of the evolution-only position of the NCSE want some long-overdue fairness in the presentation of an admittedly controversial subject (see 11/30/2004 entry).  Science is supposed to flourish with evidence, logic and critical thinking.  How can any Darwinist, in the name of science, continue to support indoctrination into an all-encompassing belief system that is so poorly supported by actual evidence? (See 12/30/2004 and 11/29/2004 entries, and over 500 chain links on “Darwinism and Evolutionary Theory” over the last five years).  John Calvert has gone out of his way to invite a fair and balanced presentation by both sides in this important debate.  Larry Caldwell has presented a rational, limited case in California for a long time to permit criticisms of Darwinism, well known in the scientific community, to be heard by students.  How does the opposition respond?  With stereotypes, epithets, outrage, underhanded tactics, refusal to talk, blame, allegations, lies, distortions and sidestepping.  Don’t just listen to the words in the upcoming hearings.  Watch which side acts with decency.    We can only hope that the Darwinites will take Burch’s advice to get serious.  We’ve been wanting them to get serious for a long time (see 04/06/2005, 02/10/2005, 11/29/2004, 11/23/2004, 08/12/2004, 02/25/2004, 09/26/2003, 05/08/2003, 03/21/2003, 01/16/2003, 02/24/2003, 11/07/2002, 10/25/2002, 04/08/2002, 01/29/2002, 11/15/2001, 10/16/2001 and 08/29/2001 entries for samples).  In fact, Mr. Calvert, why not hand out to everyone at the hearing a compilation of all the Dumb awards in these pages?  After they’ve all had a good laugh, they will probably be thinking: should we really be teaching this stuff to our kids?  The Darwinites, during this expose, will probably be secretly praying in the background.  The Kansas school board could be very lenient and tolerant of the losers.  They could give the Darwinites free rein in the theater class (see 11/29/2004 entry).(Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Nature Praises Iran President, Criticizes Religious West

first_imgThe lead Editorial in Nature this week,1 “Revival in Iran,” had mostly praise for the repressive regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran for his alleged support of “science”:Perhaps the rise of science relates to the importance that Iran’s government attaches to the development of nuclear technology.  Many regard Iran’s interest in these technologies with extreme suspicion.  Nonetheless, Iran’s embrace of science should be welcomed.That’s the closest the article got to admitting that Ahmadinejad is seeking to build nuclear weapons; though many may regard it with “extreme” suspicion, apparently the editors of Nature do not.  In fact, they praised his efforts to remove debt at Iranian universities, to prepare for an expansion of student numbers, and to avoid cutting research funds.  Presumably, Ahmadinejad has the noblest of scientific motivations for these initiatives.    On the other hand, the editors spoke of “the many problems caused by US sanctions.”  The article praised Iran for becoming “the most scientifically productive country in the Middle East apart from Israel” but failed to mention that this same Iranian president seeks to destroy Israel, and denies the Holocaust.    What is it that Nature admires so much about Iran, and Muslim science in general?  The editorial described a glorious scientific heritage of Islam (but see 12/16/2004 and 11/21/2004).  Most revealing was the following paragraph, which portrayed a liberated East in stark contrast to a repressive West – and notice the specific examples:One practical advantage for science in Muslim countries is the lack of direct interference of religious doctrine, such as exists in many Christian countries.  There has never, for example, been a debate about darwinian evolution, and human embryonic stem-cell research is constrained by humanistic rather than religious ethics. The Royan Institute in Iran was the first in the Middle East to develop a human embryonic stem-cell line, using spare embryos from its in vitro fertilization programme.The Editorial ends with a line from medieval Muslim poet-scientist Omar Khayyam, whom they insinuate should have gotten the credit for the triangle named for Pascal (a European Christian).  Criticism of the West in this editorial was, therefore, both overt and subtle, while criticism of the Muslim East and its most dangerous dictator was muted and overcompensated with blessing.  “Whatever its motivation,” the subtitle reads, “Iran’s support for education and science is to be welcomed.”1Editorial, “Revival in Iran,” Nature 442, 719-720(17 August 2006) | doi:10.1038/442719b; published online 16 August 2006.But what if its motivation is to wipe out Israel and destroy Europe and America?    It’s time to awaken Nature from its drunken stupor and dowse the editors with a splash of sobering letters.  If you aren’t fed up enough with the utterly illogical pro-totalitarian, anti-Western, ultra-liberal leadership of the Big Science elitists, go find a breathalyzer.  It’s incredible that Nature could write such a piece, especially now, right after Iran was exposed guilty as a demon for supplying Hezbollah, one of the worst terrorist groups on earth, with thousands of rockets to rain on Israel, along with money and soldiers in its offensive war against the tiny strip of land that actually is, despite its diminutive size and population, the #1 most scientifically productive country in the Middle East.    The editors did not address their love letter to the many Iranians yearning to breathe free in a modern, civilized country instead of a 7th-century tribal warrior theocracy, but to the Ahmadinejad regime itself, which many believe used the Hezbollah war to distract attention from its nuclear ambitions.  Why not praise the other end of the Axis of Evil in North Korea while you’re at it, guys?    Many worthy scientists contribute their research results faithfully to this rag, hoping for the prestige and publicity it carries; they are not responsible for what the editorial board thinks.  It would be one thing if Nature were pressuring Iranian scientists to push for democratic reforms in their country, so that Iran could join the community of nations in a spirit of rational diplomacy and scientific openness.  The whole editorial, by contrast, reeks of a blame-the-West attitude, while praising one of the most dangerous and irrational regimes in the world today for – what? – uncontested Darwinism and unrestricted stem cells.  Unbelievable.    Big Science may be infested with ultra-liberal bias (12/02/2004), but this is too far and over the top.  It’s time to clean house.  Along with Eric Pianka and Ward Churchill and the profs blaming Bush for 9/11, these guys are completely out of touch with reality, and should get an earful from Christian and Jewish scientists and citizens, to say nothing of moderate Muslims (who, incidentally, usually believe in intelligent design), and whichever scientists, educators, politicians have any sense left.  Outrageous positions deserve a broad-based and cogent response.    This is not the first time Nature (and Science, too, for that matter) have cast America and Israel in a bad light, and have polished the image of the Holocaust-deniers.  But this piece shows their true colors.  If they hate the democratic West and its Judeo-Christian, Darwin-doubting heritage so much, let them move to the Muslim utopias.  Let their women scientists don burqas and enjoy the time-honored traditions, like honor killings.  Let them subject themselves to daily disruption of peace and quiet from minaret loudspeakers blaring wails of men who can’t sing any better than crybabies.  Let them experience for themselves the torture prisons reserved for those who say a word against Allah or the tyrant in power.  Let them watch their little boys trained to hate from their earliest years, and taught to view, as the noblest ideal, the suicide bombing of as many Jews as possible on a bus or in a shopping mall.  Let them witness their science subverted to the goal of destroying the one small democratic safe haven in the Middle East that grants freedom to all scientists.     These minor inconveniences would apparently be tolerable to the editors of Nature in exchange for the sheer ecstasy of envisioning a Beulah land with uninhibited Darwinist preaching and unencumbered access to embryonic stem cells (08/13/2006).  If they long for such a promised land, it’s all there waiting for them in Tehran.  Let them kiss the face of Mahmoud, their favored patron of science, who is certainly relishing this vote of confidence from the leading scientific journal in the world.  How did it ever come to this?Update 09/20/2006: Nature got an earful from readers in three letters to the editor in the Sept. 20 issue.  The president of Tel Aviv university was “horrified” at the editorial.  He quickly reminded Nature of Iran’s abuses of human rights, denial of the Holocaust, and support of terrorism at home and abroad.  A scientist at the National Cancer Institute corrected the editorial’s mischaracterization of Iran as second in scientific productivity in the Middle East; in reality, it is sixth, when weighted for population.  A third letter from Oxford thought the editorial was an April Fool joke.  Speaking of Iran’s nuclear program, he quipped, “Perhaps when the fruit of this programme explodes in London, you will be writing an explanation of the humanistic ethics involved.”(Visited 5 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Ex-rugby star now hand cycling ace

first_imgLast year, he completed the 45km hand cycle race in second place, finishing in just inside of two hours. “My bike wasn’t changing the gears properly, which made most the race a struggle,” he recalled. “I must say that I had fun doing it and chances are that I’ll probably do it every year. Once a speedy winger, Mkhize has now set his sights on representing South Africa at the Paralympic Games. He retains the same determination and competitive spirit that he showed in his youth, and his ambition remains as strong as ever. “The biggest challenge about getting some road training is competing with motorists as they battle to see us [hand cyclists] being so low on the ground,” he said. 2 April 2013 “The truth is I enjoy it because it a sport, so it keeps me involved in sport and I get to compete in nationally recognized events. Hopefully soon I will be taking part in internationally recognized events and ultimately the Paralympics.” “The toughest part is making time to train when one works full time.” “He showed resilience, stamina and bravery and rode into Ballito covered in mud and glory. Cedric empowers our vision, extends our limits and show us that we can grasp that little bit further.” Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo material He got into cycling through the energetic head of the Quadriplegics Association of South Africa, Ari Seirlis, who is a keen hand cyclist. “GreenOffice has a cycling team and they help all the disabled riders with a push here and there on the up hills as they can be very challenging for some,” he continued. “Long term, I would like to represent the country on the international stage, such as the Paralympics, and to become a world champion and bring home the gold medal,” said Mkhize. “I would also like to be an ambassador for the sport.” “He has inspired many by his choice to participate in mainstream events and life,” said Seirlis. “In 2012, I had the privilege to accompany him on an off-road motorbike ride from Johannesburg to Ballito – 1 000 kilometres of off-road adventure and elements.” ‘Freedom’“I love the freedom it gives me and the fact that I am doing it lying down!” he laughed. Seirlis is solidly backing Mkhize at every turn, saying his attitude and tenacity is inspirational. CourtesyMkhize said the lack of consideration and courtesy from vehicle drivers was a particular problem for hand cyclists, who are less visible on the road than other riders. The sport has opened new horizons to Mkhize, who wants to use his profile to champion the sport and raise awareness of the ongoing fundraising drives to purchase more hand cycles. Assistance“A friend asked me if I would enjoy cycling and I said I would love to try it out. I did some research and then a good friend of mine, Ari Seirlis, got me to contact Ernst Van Dyk on how to get me a hand cycle. After then I didn’t look back,” Mkhize explained. SAinfo reporter There’s a saying that when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade. One man who has done that is former Sharks winger Cedric Mkhize, who was left paralyzed after a car crash outside Welkom in 2007. On 28 April, he will compete in the aQuelle Tour Durban as a hand cyclist.last_img read more

NEW Sexy Beautiful Layered wavy mix Long Ladies Wigs Burgundy Skin Top Wig UK – Sleek and super sexy

first_imgI purchased this for a magnificence pageant a person spherical is a extravagant dress round, it looks beautiful slice and styled to glimpse actual myself good friends and household are all amazed with it and i appreciate the true sense and glimpse of it.All these reviews had me apprehensive but it’s a very good dimensions and the ideal shade. All these testimonials experienced me fearful but it really is a excellent size and the ideal shade. It does get really messy definitely rapidly however. It can be excellent for fancy gown but i’m not sure i would use it working day to working day.I have actually quick hair and have finished for years and fancied a mix up. Posted and gained within just two times of buying, amazing company. Wig is beautiful, seems to be authentic, wonderful color. Specifically the color in the photo, not like some that have explained theirs wasn’t. Men and women failed to recognise me and absolutely everyone who observed me reported it looked so superior.Here are the specifications for the NEW Sexy Beautiful Layered wavy mix Long Ladies Wigs Burgundy Skin Top Wig UK:Synthetic Hair —Soft Touch, Natural Looking. Glamorous Fashion Hair— feels and move like real human hair.Brightens up excited and hilarious atmosphere. With elastic band for comfortable wearing. Reusable and easy to be taken care of. Not suitable for perm or dyeOne SizeClip for adjustmentPictures taken by Perfect For A Party for true likeness. Be careful buying from other sellers, as the wig may not be as pictured Fantastic for goal – which was element of a tremendous-sexy dress-up outfit. Feels very good to don if you’re not utilized to incredibly long hair – beautiful really feel against your skin. Pretty thick and magnificent, fantastic suit and pretty color. 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When i dress in wigs, i sometimes like to insert an accessory or two to it just to jazz it up – like a hairband, flower or a clasp. Not that the wig demands it, but is dismisses any person who is doubtful about your ‘hair’ in addition it appears to be magnificent 🙂 this is a steal at £19. ninety nine and arrived the next day, horray+++++++++hints & guidelines+++++++++i have been wearing wigs on and off for two yrs, simply mainly because i you should not want to destruction my very own hair with styling and dyes, and wigs are the ideal way to go. Change your visual appeal on a whim?. So i have some strategies for new wig wearers. **when you just take your wig out of it’s packaging, it can be in all probability flattened with becoming in transit. 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It matches so nicely and looks like true hair – i wore it for a night out and failed to want to acquire it off after (no sizzling head or just about anything). A will have to buy – it is honestly magnificent and good price for the good quality and realness.Sits properly, appears to be purely natural and good length. Awesome good quality wig, truly thick and the ideal l duration, having said that it was a somewhat darker color when it arrived, it is far more of a mahogany color. But it is nevertheless a amazing wig.I was so excited to recieve my wig, and i was significantly from upset. It came neatly packaged together with a web to keep it in location, i identified the wig comfortable to dress in. Also secure as it has small clasps at the back. So delighted with it, color is gorgeous and the style is astounding :).Reviews from purchasers :Amazing and a must buy!Wore this wig to a New Years Eve party where Overall though the look was good. Delivered on timeDifferent to picture But good nonetheless!All these reviews had me worried but it’s a good size and the perfect shadeFantastic – highly recommendlast_img read more

For Its Centenary, Mapping Gallipoli by GPS

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Although trowels and brushes are still de rigueur for archaeologists, electronic and web-based tools are fast losing their exception-to-the-rule status. The latest patch of ground to get the electronic treatment is the seminal World War I battleground of Gallipoli. The Turkish European peninsula of Gallipoli in the Dardanelles was a lynchpin in the fight against Germany’s ally, the Ottoman Empire. During the eight-month campaign, which began 100 years ago Monday, over 70,000 allies and 20,000 Turks lost their lives. Now a group of archaeologists in Turkey are uniting GPS and WWI-era maps to create a definitive record of trenches, redoubts, battle lines, tunnels, roads and paths and burial grounds. The high rate of allied casualties, caused by repeated hesitations and screw-ups on the part of the commanders are remembered by the countries who participated. Celebrated as the memorial Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand, it is also a day of pride for Turks, who were wildly under-estimated and dismissed by the allies as the “sick man of Europe.” The survey, the only one since a 1919 post-mortem, is being led by University of Melbourne Professor of Archaeology, Antonio Sagona. The first survey took place in late 2010 and the process is ongoing. His group consists of Australian, New Zealand and Turkish archaeologists and historians. The undertaking is funded in part by the Australian Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the New Zealand Department for Culture and Heritage and Turkish authorities, according to Opti-Cal.Australia’s News4us quotes that country’s Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Warren Snowdon on the project’s import.“”Despite the historical importance of the Gallipoli battlefield, our knowledge of this area to date has been based on maps and written accounts. This area has never been studied in detail through modern archaeological survey methods. “This is the first time that we have had the opportunity to corroborate and further explore the events surrounding the Gallipoli campaign which proved such a defining moment in the formation of our nation’s identity.”The project is using Differential Global Positioning System technology with a hand-held GPS receiver with “an external high-accuracy antenna” in the field and a fixed receiver at the project base.Gallipoli photos from Wikipedia Commons | other sources: Gadling Tags:#Location#web curt hopkins 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Star itching to stretch Govs’ Cup win streak

first_imgMOST READ LATEST STORIES Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes dies at 59 with wife by his side The Hotshots spent two days at Pico de Loro and bonded very well. To give his boys some form of competition, Victolero had them play soccer and bowling.True competition happens Wednesday as the Hotshots try to stay on top of the heap in the PBA Governors’ Cup eliminations against a Phoenix Petroleum side that is reeling from four straight losses and is looking for a win to right the ship, so to speak.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSBoxers Pacquiao, Petecio torchbearers for SEA Games openingGame time is 7 p.m. at Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay with the Hotshots solidly favored to rise to 4-0, most especially after hearing what Victolero has to say about the team’s eagerness to get back on the court.“Though we have had no competition, our preparation for Phoenix went very well,” he said. “You can see it in the way the players moved. They really want to play and they really want to win.” Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games Pagasa: Storm intensifies as it nears PAR Track bets get going Trump signs bills in support of Hong Kong protesters Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Nextcenter_img Coming off a 19-day break spent doing almost everything to keep the team sharp, Star is like a thoroughbred itching to be let out of the gates and mow through the field.“We had a team bonding session, practice and more practice,” coach Chito Victolero said over the phone on Tuesday just after the last of those workouts with his undefeated Hotshots. “The team really wants to play, it’s the competition they long for.”ADVERTISEMENT Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim Robredo should’ve resigned as drug czar after lack of trust issue – Panelo NATO’s aging eye in the sky to get a last overhaul Malcolm Hill will lead Star, which has a testy stretch coming.“We have three tough games lined up,” Victolero said. “And this game [versus the Fuel Masters] can certainly help us get into a better mindset come those games.”Meanwhile, Blackwater, which has surpassed its Governors’ Cup performance the last two seasons (one win each) after just five games this conference, shoots for a third straight win and will try to add to Alaska’s woes in the 4:15 p.m. contest.Henry Walker has come in to revitalize the Elite and will pose a challenge to coach Alex Compton and the Aces.ADVERTISEMENT View commentslast_img read more

10 months agoJuventus ponder bid for Man Utd striker Romelu Lukaku

first_imgJuventus ponder bid for Man Utd striker Romelu Lukakuby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveJuventus are lining up a bid for Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku.Calciomercato.com says the Serie A league leaders are on the hunt for forwards to take over from players like 32-year-old Mario Mandzukic.Belgian striker Lukaku has scored six goals in 22 appearances for United so far in this campaign.The 25-year-old, who missed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s first win as United boss on Saturday due to compassionate leave, is not the only United player on the Italian club’s radar. Paul Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola has held talks with Juventus but United do not wish to sell him. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img

13 days agoGervinho pens new contract with Parma

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Gervinho pens new contract with Parmaby Carlos Volcano13 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveGervinho has signed a new contract with Parma.The deal takes him through to 2022 at Parma.Gervinho’s renewal was confirmed in a statement on Parma’s official website.The former Roma winger moved to the Tardini from Chinese club Hebei China Fortune in the summer of 2018.Gervinho has scored three goals and produced two assists this season. last_img