BEN KEITHS BLOG Lunchtime learning for Gaul Wood

first_imgDearest Pam, each day this week, in the Daily Mail, there is a double-page spread, serialising Jonathan Aitken’s newly written biography; of Margaret Thatcher. Do be sure to cut it out for Gary. I know he’d so hate to miss a single word of it, as he’s now taking each step of his learning in his stride. May I suggest that the best move would be to cut it out, and place the double-page spread across the middle of the inside of his Guardian. That way, he can read away, sucking all the valuable information in, whilst still holding up his lunchtime veneer to the outside world. As Harry ‘The Giraffe’ Macadam loves to say; ‘The leftie’s come a long, LONG way!!’. XxIn other news:Greetings from the beach, at Binibeca Nou, in the south-east of Menorca. We thought we’d come over and check out this corner of the island today, and see this truly beautiful, all white, Spanish fishing village. The beaches aren’t up there with the Cuitadella ‘end’, but the town itself is quite striking to gaze across.In a situation that can only be described at ‘Unbelievable scenes, Jeff’, our Paella was last night cancelled, and re-arranged for tonight. We instead, headed into town, and tried out ‘Ca’n Bep’. The guy running the place seemed most friendly and helpful, but from start to finish, the food served seem to be covered in salt. Stick to Cafe Balear, is my firm advice.B xlast_img read more