Five great games like Minecraft

first_imgMinecraft is a great game, but it’s not for everyone. Whether you just played as much of it as you can stand or you just dislike Minecraft in general but want a game with similar mechanics, you’re in luck. Here are five games like Minecraft that will scratch that same itch without forcing you to log in to that voxel-filled universe ever again.Ace of SpadesIf you are a fan of the Call of Duty series or Team Fortress, then Ace of Spades is a must-play for you. Mixing Minecraft with elements of the two aforementioned FPS shooters, this free-to-play game is incredibly fun. Each player is armed with a spade that can be used for melee attacks or construction tasks, as well as one of three different ranged weapons (rifle, machine-gun, or a shotgun).What is in essence a first person shooter, Ace of Spades adds a whole layer of creativity in the fact that you can interact with your surroundings to build things. Want to build a castle to protect your team? No problem! Want to try to get the jump on your opponents by digging your way under their base then popping up in the middle? You can do that as well. With a sandbox world, the replay value is incredibly high since you won’t get bored playing the same maps over and over.As mentioned above, the game is totally free to play and download.FortressCraftFortressCraft may look a lot like Minecraft, but it’s only available on the Xbox 360 and supports multiplayer via Xbox Live. It ditches the 8-bit pixelated textures for smooth surfaces, and while the objects, blocks, and buildings still have that familiar blocky appeal, they’re more detailed when you’re close to them.FortressCraft was built by ProjectorGames, and has many of the same elements that Minecraft does: you can build anything, harvest resources from a huge, open world, set up a home for yourself, deck it out in items that you’ve created or objects you’ve encountered, and of course, battle enemies bent on taking your resources.FortressCraft is available for 80 Microsoft Points, or the equivalent of $1. If you’ve want a game like Minecraft on your Xbox 360, this delivers just that.Manic DiggerIf you’re looking for a free alternative to Minecraft, Manic Digger may be your best bet. The problem with it is that it’s clearly the type of game that’s inspired by Minecraft, but just doesn’t have the same polish. Still, it’s free, and if the 8-bit feel and textures are what you like the most about Minecraft, Manic Digger delivers.The game is all about building anything you can possibly imagine using the resources available to you in a vast and open world, and there’s definitely multiplayer. If you’re worried night will come and the zombies will attack, don’t be: nighttime was only recently added as an update to the server software, and there are no zombies.Manic Digger‘s server software and its client software are both entirely free. The game is PC-only. You can join one of the few available public servers, or start your own and invite your friends to play.CubelandsCubelands may be new, but it has a lot of polish. The game, like the rest, is online, supports multiplayer, and focuses on building a world with your friends using the objects and resources you find. It’s available for Mac and PC, it’s entirely free, and has over 143,000 registered players on over 90 game servers.There is a “premium” version of Cubelands for 7.50 EUR (approx $10 USD) that supports the developers. Buying it will unlock features unavailable to free players, like the ability to customize your avatar, and you get to download the Cubelands standalone client, where free users have to play via Web browser.Cubelands also offers players online profiles where they can save screenshots of their creations, or invite other players to join them on their favorite server. Of all of the games like Minecraft, Cubelands is probably the one that most closely matches the Minecraft experience without actually being Minecraft. 1 2last_img read more