Watch lightning strike a commuter train in transit

first_imgIf you grew up in a part of the world where torrential downpours and terrifying storms are the norm (like some of us who grew up in South Florida), you might be completely accustomed to loud, rolling thunder and blinding lightning strikes. Regardless of where you’re from and if you’re used to electricity from the sky destroying things on the very ground you inhabit, you probably know that lightning is more likely to strike things that are conductive. Well, a big metal train is conductive, and when it’s traveling over a bridge with nothing else in the surrounding area, it’s an isolated target.Unfortunately, this commuter train on the Odakyu Electric Railway in Tokyo happens to be the target of a bolt of lightning. A resident in the area caught it on film.The train was traveling from the Izumi-Tamagawa Station to the Noborito Station, and was the recipient of a direct hit. The bolt cause some of the carriages to lose power temporarily, and the train slowed to a stop. Luckily, the train was only delayed by about 10 minutes, and no one was injured. However, the train was later taken in for repairs.So, while this video might make you a bit more paranoid to cross over a bridge in a rainstorm while riding within a metal box during your commute, at least you know that you aren’t likely to get injured, and instead just delayed for a handful of minutes. However, we recommend you don’t set up an elaborate experiment to test this notion.last_img read more