Sony halves PSP 2 RAM to keep costs down

first_imgWhen Sony first announced the NGP back in January it was by far the most powerful gaming handheld ever unveiled. A quad-core ARM processor, 5-inch OLED display, and the dual-analog sticks made for some very happy gamers ready to pre-order as soon as Sony let them.At the time, there was no talk of how much memory (RAM or graphics memory) Sony was set to include. However, it was expected to use 512MB RAM and 256MB VRAM, making developers lives easier while allowing the resolution to remain high in all aspects of a game’s graphics.AdChoices广告French website 01net has found out Sony is now looking into the costs of the system, and has decided those levels of memory are no longer acceptable. Sony’s concern is hitting a price point close to the 3DS, so has taken the decision to reduce both the RAM and VRAM.That reduction will see the Wi-Fi version of the device ship with 256MB RAM and 128MB VRAM. That same model is also expected to lose the internal memory for storing games and media, instead having to rely on a Memory Stick. As for the 3G version, it’s unclear if it will get the original levels of RAM or just a small bump above the Wi-Fi model. It is expected to retain the internal storge, though.Such changes are always going to happen before the launch of a new machine,and Sony has already stated it cuts features to keep the device affordable. This is just one of those (hardware) features. The reduction is also being countered to some extent by Sony also managing to reduce the size of the operating system. That means more RAM will be freed up for the games.Sony wouldn’t consider the cut if it thought games would be effected greatly by them, and as gamers we will never know the difference. To put it in perspective, 256MB is still a lot of memory for a portable gaming device. The 3DS only has 128MB, and the DS managed with 16MB. The PS3 on the other hand has 256MB RAM and 256MB VRAM.Overall, we don’t need need to worry–it’s important to remember Sony is doing this to remain competitive with the 3DS. That means a price point close to $250 for the PSP 2 hopefully.Read more at, via GamesIndustry.bizlast_img read more