Microsoft is selling 842 Windows 8 licenses every minute

first_imgThere’s a lot of mixed opinions when it comes to Windows 8. The Modern UI begs you to reach out and touch your screen, while the vast majority of its users sit with a mouse and keyboard. This release of Windows bore a critical difference to the upgrades of the past, though, in that the cost to move on from the previous version was minimal.For just $40 you could jump to the next version of Windows and be sure that your system would remain up to date for that much longer. Obviously this strategy has had a positive outcome, as Microsoft announced they have sold 842 licenses of Windows 8 every minute since the day it was launched.It’s not hard to see how Microsoft reached 40 million licenses in a little over a month. The company did everything right when it comes to a successful platform launch. As well as the majority of new PCs shipping with the new OS, Windows 8 was available everywhere on launch day, and users could choose to install the OS however they saw fit. Whether it was downloading the OS straight from Microsoft, or picking up a physical copy, your bases were covered.Microsoft didn’t stop users from using the launch as an excuse to upgrade their own hardware either, making it easy to install the upgrade on a new hard drive and just provide the key from your original purchase of Windows. This was, by far, the most effortless OS upgrade that Microsoft has rolled out, which in turn encourages users to recommend the upgrade to others.A typical excuse/reason not to upgrade software, regardless of the platform, is that it’s better to wait until a company has worked out all the bugs in a software update before using it. Launches like Windows 8 go a long way towards fixing that mindset, and encouraging users to try early adoption again. It also means Microsoft can focus more on convincing us the Windows 8 interface is the future, which may prove a much more difficult task.Read more at the Windows Bloglast_img read more