Dinosaurs of the Month

first_imgThe tools of paleontologists continue to turn up interesting things.  Here are some of the latest dinosaur discoveries reported this month:Mighty mouth:  An African theropod with massive, shark-like teeth was found in the African Sahara, reported National Geographic News and PhysOrg.  It was named Eocarcharia dinops, or “fierce-eyed dawn shark.”  Another similar individual, presumed to be a scavenger, was named Kryptops palaios, “old hidden face” had a bony horn that covered much of its face.  National Geographic posted a gallery of artist’s reconstructions.Mighty duck:  In Mexico, giant duck-billed hadrosaur remains were found, reported National Geographic and Science Daily.  These specimens were said to be 35 feet in length.  Till now, dinosaur bones in Mexico have been rare.  Terry Gates (Utah Museum of Natural History) said, “The crested duck-billed dinosaurs are an extraordinary example of vertebrate evolution.”Sparrowsaur:  In China, the smallest pterosaurs ever found have come to light (see National Geographic and Live Science).  These toothless flying reptiles were only about the size of a sparrow – 10 inches or so (see artist reconstruction).  Like birds, they had curved digits that probably helped them grasp the branches of trees.  Found in the rich fossil beds of China’s Liaoning province, the species was named Nemicolopterus crypticus. by the discoverers who published their findings in PNAS.1    Alexander Kellner (Museu Nacional/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro) pieced pterosaurs into a vision of evolutionary progress: “The general idea was at some point we had these very primitive pterosaurs – very low down on the evolutionary tree – that were living on insects.  At some point pterosaurs learned to feed on fish.”  He said the find “opens a new chapter on the evolutionary history of this group of volant [flying] reptiles.”For a twist on who eats whom, Science Daily reported fossils of a giant frog from Madagascar that may have fed on baby dinosaurs.  They named it Beelzebufo – “the frog from hell.”  The find was published in PNAS,2 where the authors said that it “suggests that the initial radiation of hyloid anurans began earlier than proposed by some recent estimates.”  It was also found on a different continent – Africa – far from South America where such frogs were thought to have evolved.  See also the BBC News and Science Daily for an artist’s rendering of the mean ol’ frog.  The latter article claims that the monster leaped across continents and ate dinosaurs.  Co-discoverer David Krause is quoted, “What’s a ‘South American’ frog doing half-way around the world, in Madagascar?”  There must have been a land bridge – through Calaveras County.1.  Wang, Kellner, Zhou, Campos, “Discovery of a rare arboreal forest-dwelling flying reptile (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea) from China,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, published online on February 11, 2008, 10.1073/pnas.0707728105.2.  Evans, Jones, Krause, “A giant frog with South American affinities from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, Published online on February 19, 2008, 10.1073/pnas.0707599105.Some paleontologists estimate we have only found 27% of the dinosaurs that actually lived (11/22/2004).  This means that new, exotic discoveries can be expected for many years to come.  Exciting as each new unusual form is, one cannot assume that the diversity in the dinosauria exceeds that in other groups, such as insects.  Dinosaurs stand out in our minds because of their size and the fact they are all extinct.  In many groups of plants and animals, the fossil record is richer than the living inventory.    One should remember also that classification is a very human enterprise.  Paleontologists win honors for naming a species.  This can lead to species bloat – too much splitting of similar specimens into separate species.  With fossils, one cannot know the natural amount of variation that was present due to diet, climate, development, genetic isolation or other factors.  One cannot know which ones were capable of interbreeding.  One also cannot compare the DNA of different dinosaurs (yet).  The count of dinosaur species and genera is a function of the classification scheme used.  Jones may want to name his find Magnificentosaurus jonesii but that doesn’t make it different from Majesticosaurus smithii.  Another factor leading to the impression that new dinosaurs are popping up all over is selective reporting.  “More of the same” doesn’t make news as much as something new and different.    These finds, nevertheless, should inspire the young to realize there is still much to discover.  Join the treasure hunt.  Replace the old guard paleontologists who can’t kick the smoking habit (i.e., the addicts who exude smokescreens of fogma about millions of years, primitive forms, and new chapters in evolution).  Let the bones do the talking.  They know how to remain silent.  Evolutionists have not yet learned that anything they say can and will be used against them in the court of public opinion (09/30/2007 commentary).(Visited 18 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

2018 Between the Rows kicks off

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Zach Profit, Van Wert CountyWe are located in south central Van Wert County in northwest Ohio. We are farming short of 3,800 acres — my dad, my brother, my mom, and myself. We raise corn, soybeans and wheat, though this year we don’t have any wheat. We could use some wheat to spread the workload out but it was a marketing decision.There wasn’t much opportunity to do any work in the field this winter. Once the weather turned in December, it was a nasty winter to get much done. We got some grain hauled. We put a good dent in trucking our soybeans out but we still have quite a bit of corn. We are trying to remain optimistic. We have a big report coming this week and we are hoping on an upswing here.We are looking at planting malting barley. You can harvest it a little earlier to get double-crop soybeans in. We are looking at the market right now. We had a brewery contact us about growing it and we are in the beginning stages with that. There is a chance we could be drilling some this fall.We are also looking at a program to add cover crops on a quarter to half of our acres. We are in the enrollment stages of that process with prescription variable rate fertility, banding nutrients with strip-till rigs, and combining that with cover crops. It places the fertility right where it needs to be 6 to 8 inches down. We are also looking at taking a small piece of ground and putting it in the pollinator program.We are also going to work on nitrogen management in corn with Y-Drops. We did see a return with the Y-Drops and this year we are going to play around with using less anhydrous and more Y-drop applications at the right crop stages. We saw a little more profit margin with 28% last year.For the rest of this week’s reports click here.last_img read more

The Fifth Time You Hear No

first_imgThe salesperson’s email was targeted to me directly. Clearly, someone had done enough research to know I am a speaker, and that I might benefit from their product. The product was fine, and a lot of speakers will find it valuable. It is not valuable to me right now because I have something that does what this product does in a way that I like better.Out of courtesy, I explained that I was not interested at this time, as I am satisfied with what I am using. (I hope this rings a familiar bell for you.)The salesperson sent a note suggesting that his product is better than what I am using, and it very well may be, but I am still not moving.A few days later, the salesperson sent me an email to tell me that I was either uninterested or too busy, so if he didn’t hear from me, he would remove me from his contact list.Ultimately, You Have No PowerWhen you are pursuing a prospective client, you don’t have the power to issue an ultimatum. You can’t say, “If I don’t hear from you, I will remove you from my contact list.” You will have many prospects who accept your offer.If you know someone is a prospect, and if you know you can create value for them, you need to invest in the relationship. Instead of straight pitching, do some value-creating first. Make some deposits in the relationship. Make it easier to say “yes” to a conversation to explore change.There is no reason to ever demonstrate to a prospective client how easily discouraged you are and how quickly you give up. No one wants to work with someone who quits at the first sign of resistance. We want to work with people with intestinal fortitude, determined people who persist and succeed.You should never expect a “yes” on the first ask. The first “no” is free. Your prospect gives that “no” to everyone. The fifth “no,” now that’s interesting. Not a lot of people get a fifth “no,” because not a lot of people are persistent enough to ask five times. Mostly they go away after being told “no” one or two times.The fifth time you hear “no,” you are being persistent. And persistence is one attribute you need to be a good salesperson. There are 8 more attributes here. Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Nowlast_img read more


first_imgTouch Football Australia’s seven National teams leave Australia’s shores this weekend bound for the sixth Federation of International Touch World Cup in Stellenbosch South Africa.The global showcase event for the sport will be played 17-21 January 2007 at the Daniel Craven Stadium in the picturesque South African wine district.The Men’s Open, Women’s Open, and Mixed Open Teams depart Friday 12 January bound for Perth for an overnight stay before departing for Johannesburg, before taking another flight to Capetown, then being transfered by coach to Stellenbosch.Australia’s four Senior division teams – Men’s 30s, Men’s 35s, Men’s 40s, and Mixed 30s will travel to South Africa on Sunday 14 January to meet up with the rest of the Australian World Cup contingent.The 180 plus Australian Team will put finishing touches on their preparation with light training, sightseeing, and tactical sessions on the menu at their Protea Hotel base in Stellenbosch in the days leading up to the commencement of the tournament.The seven Australian Teams will be looking to also have the market cornered in the fashion stakes as well, with a smart new playing strip and a great range of clothing and accessories supplied by KOOGA Made for Touch set to ensure the Aussies are winners on and off the field of play.Australia is the only nation to field teams in every division offered at every World Cup since the event was first contested on the Gold Coast in 1988.Australia has an imposing record in World Cup History having lost only 3 of 35 divisional finals in nineteen years of World Cup competition.Australia clean swept all five divisions on offer at the last World Cup in Japan in 2003, but will face a tremendous challenge from around the globe with 15 nations and  teams across seven divisions battling for World Cup supremacy in South Africa.The Australians tuned up for the defence of their Champion nation status at World Cup level by claiming 7 out of the 10 contested divisions at the Inaugural All Nations Championships held in Christchurch, New Zealand in late 2005.Australia is defending champions in the three premier World Cup divisions of Men’s Open, Women’s Open, and Mixed Open, and have been preparing for the last three years to counter an imposing challenge from their closest rivals New Zealand and the rest of the FIT nations.The Australian Women’s Open Team – arguably Australia’s most successful Women’s sporting team in any sport at World Cup level, will lead Australia’s charge.The Australian Women’s Team proudly boasts an incredible 45 game winning streak at World Cup level spanning a nineteen-year period.The Women’s team has never suffered defeat in World Cup competition and has completed a remarkable run of sustained excellence over five pristine campaigns at this level.Three Players, Captain Sharyn Williams and Sydney twins Amanda and Kristy Judd will become the first Australian Women’s players to play in four World Cups at Open level when they take to the field in South Africa.2006 State of Origin Player of the Series Louise Winchester from New South Wales, the mercurial Kelly Woods, 2003 FIT World Cup Player of the Series, Bo De la Cruz, and emerging Queensland middle Peta Rogerson, will be pivotal players in Australia’s World Cup campaign.The Australian Men’s Open Team, who have won every World Cup final contested, will go into the tournament slight favourites ahead of a skilled, youthful, and agile New Zealand combination, who along with Lebanon, and hosts South Africa are expected to push the World Champions all the way.Captain Gavin Shuker, the industrious Gary Sonda, the fleet-footed Drumayne Dayberg-Muir, ballplaying maestro Jason Stanton, and Queensland State of Origin star Nathan Jones are expected to be cornerstones of Australia’s title defence.The Australian Open Mixed team goes in as underdogs against 2005 All Nations Champions, New Zealand.Australia won the last World Cup in 2003, but will need to produce their very best to resist the challenge from a young New Zealand team big on combination, experience, and skill in the Mixed genre of the game.Australia’s challenge will be led by Co-Captains, 2003 World Cup leader Tony Eltakchi and power-house middle Mary Steele.Queensland’s gifted Mixed specialist Amy Fong, and the ‘tireless tyros’ Brad Holden and Ben Mc Cullen are also key players for the defending World champions.Australia’s Senior Teams will be looking to preserve their clean slate from 2003 and help Australia claim the overall tag of Champion nation by claiming victory in the Men’s 30s, Men’s 35s, Men’s 40s, and Mixed 30 Years divisions.Australia will also be providing 25 referees at the showcase event on the sport’s calendar.Touch Football Australia will keep readers up to date with regular scores as they happen and all the news and views from South Africa will be presented in a daily “World Cup Wrap”.Touch Football Australia would like to extend their best wishes to all seven National Teams and their respective coaching staff, referees, and support personnel for the duration of the World Cup.The Kangaroo and the Emu who adorn the Australian Coat of Arms are in the minority of animals in existence who can’t walk backwards.Not knowing how to take a backward step will be a priceless commodity for the 2007 Touch Football Australia World Cup Teams as they prepare to take on the best the world has to offer.last_img read more

Clothing retailer Roots prices shares in IPO at between 14 and 16

first_imgTORONTO – Clothing retailer Roots Corp. says it is looking to price its initial public offering at between $14 and $16 per share.Roots says the total size of the offering being sold to the public is expected to $200 million or $230 million, if an over-allotment option is fully exercised.The pricing of the offering follows an announcement by Roots last month that it wanted to launch an initial public offering. It plans to trade under the symbol ROOT on the Toronto Stock Exchange.The shares are being sold by private investment firm Searchlight Capital Partners, which acquired a majority stake in the company in 2015, as well as founders Michael Budman and Don Green. Roots is not expected to receive any proceeds from the offering.Searchlight will retain a roughly 54 per cent stake in Roots, while Budman and Green will keep about a 13.6 per cent stake after the IPO.If the over-allotment option is exercised in full, Searchlight’s stake is expected to slip to about 50.2 per cent, while the founders will hold 12.6 per cent.Roots has more than 100 stores in Canada as well as four in the United States, partner-operated locations in Taiwan and China and an online retail business.In its filing with securities regulators, Roots said it wants to continue its grow in Canada as well as the United States and in international markets.last_img read more

Minimum wage increases bite into funding boost for Canada Summer Jobs program

first_imgOTTAWA – Rising provincial minimum wages have cut into the reach of the Liberal government’s oft-touted increase to summer jobs spending by reducing the number of weekly hours being funded this year.The Liberals have doubled spending on the politically popular program to approximately $220 million in order to boost the number of available jobs to 70,000 from about 35,000.Newly released documents show the government was aware in late winter that there would be a drop in the number of hours funded through the program to meet the Liberal government’s summer jobs target.A mid-March briefing note to Labour Minister Patty Hajdu warned of the planned reduction in the average hours per job funded through the program, moving to a national average of 30 hours a week in 2018 from 35 in 2017.Officials wrote that the plan could raise concerns from MPs who like to promote the spending, as well as from employers — particularly organizations that need help paying and attracting seasonal workers.“The reduction is expected to affect organizations that require more weeks in order to sustain their operations (e.g. summer camp) and to attract enough potential applicants,” reads the briefing note, obtained by The Canadian Press under the access to information law.Figures provided by the department suggest officials have eased some of the effects, but there has still been a decline in hours across all 10 provinces. There has been no reduction in funded hours in the territories.A spokeswoman for Hajdu said the government stands by its decision to double the number of jobs through the program, and is “continually looking at ways to improve the program” for students needing “quality summer job experience.”The annual program provides wage subsidies, targeting mostly not-for-profit groups and small businesses with fewer than 50 employees.The program helps small businesses and organizations manage cash flow in the early stages of a summer placement because students may need time to learn the job before they contribute to an organization’s bottom line, said Ted Mallett, vice-president and chief economist at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.“That’s why these government programs are helpful in overcoming those kinds of start-up difficulties for small firms.”Demand for funding always exceeds the amount the government spends on the program and this year was no different. The total value of all the applications this year was $68.9 million more than last year, a figure the briefing note chalked up to rising minimum wages, particularly in Ontario, Alberta and B.C. Hajdu was told the increases in minimum wage nationally averaged out to a 13.7 per cent bump in wages.At a kickoff event for the program in late April, one non-profit group pressed Hajdu about the government’s plan to deal with the effects of minimum wage increases on the program.Hajdu responded that officials were working with provinces and territories. She added that employers approved for funding would make “decisions and determinations accordingly” about hours and duration of summer jobs.The department overseeing the program recommended 85,000 jobs for funding this year out of the more than 153,500 requests. Officials recommended more jobs than the expected 70,000 because some employers drop out of the program, while others end up being unable to fill the jobs.Final Canada Summer Jobs figures won’t be known until later this year.The Liberals have faced criticism this year from faith-based groups over new funding criteria that required groups to say neither their core mandate nor the jobs being funded actively worked to undermine constitutional, human and reproductive rights.Many faith-based groups refused to sign the declaration and the government is facing legal challenges to the anti-abortion requirements.Employment and Social Development Canada said officials have not revoked any group’s funding this year for being in violation of the declaration.— Follow @jpress on Twitterlast_img read more

Charlie Lake Elementary student raises over 13k for cancer patients in Fort

first_imgLandon said he was inspired to raise the money after his grandmother Suzanne Sutherland shaved her head while undergoing chemotherapy treatment last fall. Sutherland was diagnosed with lung cancer five years ago. Landon’s mom Jackie Tolsma said that Landon’s inspiration for the fundraiser came while his family was shopping for scarves for his grandmother.Though he might not have his hair at the moment, Landon will be continuing the fundraiser until March 31st. To donate to the campaign, contact Jackie Tolsma by phone at (250) 262-6224, or email [email protected] of the donations received will be posted on the Landon’s Wish Facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1862574167149041/about/ FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — 10 year-old Charlie Lake Elementary School student Landon Tolsma had probably one of his most exciting and nerve-wracking lunch hours today.Tolsma, who turns 11 on Sunday, had the close to seven inches of hair that he’s been growing since October shaved off today to raise money for cancer patients in Fort St. John and Dawson Creek. A fundraiser that was launched by his family almost three weeks ago brought in over $13,000 from an initial goal to raise $1,500 to buy scarves and other essentials for those battling with cancer. A bake sale at Charlie Lake Elementary brought in over $700 of the total on Wednesday and Thursday. Photo by Chris Newton Photo by Chris Newton Photo by Chris Newton Photo by Chris Newton Photo by Chris Newton Photo by Chris Newton Jackie and Landon Tolsma show off his new Charlie Lake Elementary Lakers toque. Photo by Chris Newton Jackie and Landon Tolsma show off his new Charlie Lake Elementary Lakers toque. Photo by Chris Newton last_img read more

Chamber of Commerce to host Wilkinson and Davies for Speaker Series Luncheon

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Speaker Series Luncheon on Wednesday, May 22 at the Northern Grand Hotel.The Luncheon will feature guest speakers Official Opposition Leader, Andrew Wilkinson, and local MLA Dan Davies.Wilkinson and Davies will be providing an update on the current status of Provincial Government issues that are important to the Peace Region. There will be an opportunity to ask questions, in a Q&A session, following the presentation.The Chamber of Commerce Speaker Series Luncheon is taking place on Wednesday, May 22 from 11:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Northern Grand Hotel.For more information, and to register for this event, you can visit the Chamber of Commerce’s website.last_img

Venus fights past frustrated Kvitova Osaka takes Indian Wells stage I

first_imgIndian Wells (US): Seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams rallied from a set and two breaks down to topple third-seeded Petra Kvitova 4-6, 7-5, 6-4 on Saturday and reach the third round at Indian Wells. “Today I just fought and tried my hardest,” said Williams, currently ranked 36th in the world. “Honestly, a double break is not ideal against a great server, especially a left-handed server. “A lot of it is just being in the moment. And I think I created some opportunities. I had some good points. I think she had a few tight points, and here we are.” She booked a third-round clash with fellow American Christina McHale, a 6-4, 3-6, 6-4 winner over 30th-seeded Russian Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova. Two-time Wimbledon champion Kvitova, who was runner-up to Naomi Osaka at the Australian Open in January, also reached the final in Dubai last month. The Czech appeared to have taken control of the stadium court slugfest when she broke Williams for a 4-3 lead in the third. But Williams immediately broke back and Kvitova soon found herself serving to save the match. She took a 40-15 lead in the final game, but two double faults, followed by a lucky netcord bounce for Williams gave the American a match point and Kvitova sailed a ball long to end matters after two hours and 27 minutes – sparking an ebullient celebration from Williams. “Having to play down the whole match and to be able to get that,” Williams said of her emotion. “It was just a fun moment.” Williams pulled off the unlikely comeback despite failing to produce a single ace although she said her varying serve speeds were “what I needed to do”. She was broken four times, but proved more consistent in the bruising baseline rallies. Kvitova fired 10 aces, but also had 10 double faults and while the Czech fired 38 winners to Williams’s 15, her 56 unforced errors were more than double the American’s 25. “It was such a weird match,” Kvitova said, calling it her worst of the year. “I took the first set. Suddenly I was leading in the second, but somehow I just gave her a chance again to be back in the match, and she took it. “Suddenly, she just started to play better, I started to play worse … I was so frustrated with myself from the half of the second set to the end, which shouldn’t happen to me. “I really played bad,” she said, “and in the end of the match she definitely played better than me. Dusk was arriving in the California desert when Williams and Kvitova departed the court. Naomi Osaka, who followed up her US Open victory with an Australian Open triumph that propelled her to number one in the world, was to launch her title defense with a second-round match against France’s Kristina Mladenovic. Mladenovic, ranked 65th in the world, seized her first career victory over a number one player when she shocked Osaka in the second round at Dubai last month, the Japanese star’s first match since her victory in Melbourne. Elsewhere on Saturday, fifth-seeded Karolina Pliskova shook off a slow start to defeat Japanese qualifier Misaki Doi 6-7 (4/7), 6-1, 6-1.last_img read more

I will be delighted if Mamata becomes PM Moon Moon Sen

first_imgAsansol, West Bengal: Veteran actress Moon Moon Sen says she is in politics to win people’s love and feels donning a politician’s hat has been easier for her as there is far less amount of mudslinging compared to the film industry. The 64-year-old Oxford alumnus, who is fighting the 2019 polls from West Bengal’s Asansol parliamentary constituency on a Trinamool Congress ticket, says she would be “delighted” if West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee becomes the next Prime Minister. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari Puja Sitting in the lobby of a plush hotel on National Highway 2 on the outskirts of Asansol city, Sen, draped in an elegant white saree and a flower bouquet in her hand, talked to IANS after two-and-half hours of a gruelling evening campaign, where she was accompanied by her daughters Raima and Riya. Asansol, a hub of coal mining and railway activity, will go to the polls on April 29 where Sen is pitted against BJP’s sitting MP and Union Minister Babul Supriyo besides candidates from both the Left and the Congress. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highway “I am not a full-fledged politician. But I can say there cannot be more mudslinging than there is in the film industry. There it is cut-throat, it is soul destroying. This is easy compared to all that,a said Sen, the daughter of Bengali screen legend Suchitra Sen. Sen, a former school teacher, said she would focus on environmental issues to control Asansol’s pollution and work on improving health care if the people elected her. “I am here to win some votes and do my work which, let’s say, is away from politics. I am in politics to win peoplea¿s love. If I become an MP again, I would like to work on improving the environment and providing better medical care. There is a shortage of doctors and nurses all over the world,” she said. Talking at length on pollution issues in the area, she said children and women were choking due to the coal mines and black furnaces all around. “Their lungs are being affected. It is taking a toll on people in general and is life threatening for pregnant women. The district magistrate said the local administration has started planting trees,a she said. Sen, who had pulled off a surprise victory five years ago in Bengal’s Bankura where he handed out a shock defeat to nine time CPI-M MP Basudev Acharia, has been shifted to this coal belt constituency bordering Jharkhand this time. But she is not bothered by the opposition’s allegations that she is an outsider unaware of the core-problems in Asansol. “I am not concerned about what the opposition says. I do not plan to justify myself to them either. There is no room for negativity in my life. “At the moment I am involved in planning to win an election. I know I will figure out things slowly on my own. I will do what I can, within my capacity but there are certain issues, things which would be tackled by the state government and the centre. So there is no point in boasting and saying I am going to fix everything,” said Sen, conceding that people had told her before she came to the constituency that she could lose as it was a BJP bastion. “I have never lost in politics. I have people’s support with me. I know that once I am committed, I have to do my duty. If I win, I win. If I don’t win I have still done my best. That’s what I am focusing on. If I win here, I will be delighted,” she said adding she is much better prepared this time compared to the 2014 polls. Sen, who has acted in numerous Bengali, Hindi and South Indian films in her career spanning over three decades also welcomed the entry of two more Bengali actresses, Mimi Chakraborty and Nusrat Jahan, into politics and said the parties should look to bring in more young and energetic faces with “bright new ideas”. “I do not see why the parties should not now bring in more young and glamorous people from other spheres. Most of them are intelligent enough to let them be guided and do the work they’re supposed to do,” Sen said. Expressing her love and admiration for Banerjee, she said the Trinamool Congress supremo inspired her to join politics through her “work ethics and tremendous devotion towards people”. “Ia¿ll be delighted if she becomes the Prime Minister. We know who all are in contention. This lady has been a long time MP, a central minister and now a chief minister for eight years. Also she is quick to point out a crisis and take steps to solve it. She is the one who first talked about the Mahagatbandhan (grand alliance). People across the country are recognizing her potential today. “You can’t take West Bengal away from her (Banerjee). I know nothing about the politics in Delhi and what might happen if the opposition alliance wins but I know that people across the country are suffering due to demonetisation and GST. Many have had to close down their businesses,” she said. When asked whether she is still in touch with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan who used to be her classmate in Oxford, Sen said though she has not spoken to him since he took over the hot seat, she assumes their friendship is still intact. “I haven’t talked to him since he became Prime Minister. I haven’t met him recently either. But I assume we are still friends. Imran is often quoted as saying he has a number of friends in Kolkata,” she signed off.last_img read more