Talks between UNs top Kosovo official and Belgrade lauded by European Union

“The EU warmly welcomes the support expressed by President Kostunica for UNMIK’s efforts to establish a legal framework for Kosovo and his confirmation of Kosovo Serb participation in this process,” according to a statement issued in Brussels. The hour-long discussions yesterday between President Kostunica and UNMIK chief Hans Haekkerup were termed constructive by both men. According to UNMIK, President Kostunica agreed to urge the Kosovo Serbs to participate in finalizing the legal framework for provisional self-government for Kosovo, and to take part in elections to be held later this year.Mr. Haekkerup said he had agreed to use his best efforts to determine the fate of 3,000 missing persons in Kosovo, 1,300 of whom were Serbs. On the question of the divided city of Mitrovica, it was agreed that UNMIK would work with the Yugoslav Committee for Cooperation to ensure improved security for the area’s Serbs. read more