NewlyWed Moroccan Couple Among Victims of Paris Terrorist Attacks

Rabat – A Moroccan was among the victims of the terrorist attacks that hit Paris on Friday night. The cousin of the victim posted this news on his Facebook page.The victim, who has just gotten married, was killed during the attacks, while his wife is in critical condition in the hospital after she received three shots.“We just learned that one my cousins was a victim in the #Paris attack. A newly wed (…..) passed away while his wife received 3 shots and is in critical condition in the hospital,” the victim’s cousin said on his page on Saturday night.The deadly terrorist attacks that rocked the French capital on Friday night have claimed the lives of over 153 people, while 250 people were injured. Among the wounded, 90 innocent people are in critical condition, according to French media. A group of eight terrorist carried several coordinated attacks that targeted a number of pubic venues in the French, mainly bars, restaurants and theaters.The deadliest attack occurred in the Bataclan theater where several hundred people were enjoying a concert. Three terrorists entered the premises and took people hostages.Immediately, the started indiscriminately shooting them, causing the death of at least 100 victims. read more