UN WHO Want to End Virginity Test Globally

Rabat – The UN agencies, UN Human Rights,  UN Women along with the World Health Organization (WHO) have called for a ban on the virginity testing for women and girls worldwide.Virginity test still exists in Morocco. It is generally required of young girls and women about to marry.UN agencies and WHO  said in a joint statement that the virginity examination has no scientific basis. “There is no examination that can prove a girl or woman has had sex-and the appearance of girl’s or woman’s hymen cannot prove whether they have had sexual intercourse, or are sexually active or not.”The agencies and WHO also decided that the test is a violation to human rights as it might undermine women ’s physical, social and psychological well being.The joint statement argued that the test might be harmful and must never be carried out as it is unnecessary.In February, the Moroccan Association of Sexology called on the Ministry of Health to exempt medical doctors from the delivery of virginity certificate.The association believes that the test violates both doctor’s oath of medical confidentiality and the right to privacy of women and girls.The association said in its appeal that the document is generally delivered to family members other than girls, a situation that violates patients” right to privacy and dignity.Moroccan civil law does not prescribe the infamous document as necessary for the validity of a marital union. read more