Moroccan Workers Union Calls for Boycott of Private Clinics

Rabat – The National Democratic Finance Union (SNDF) affiliated to the Moroccan national Union of Workers (UMT) has announced its decision to launch a petition to express solidarity with secretary general of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Zouhair Chorfi.Chorfi has recently accused Morocco’s private clinics of a “major underreporting” of their taxable income.UMT shared a statement after a meeting held on May 11 to announce its decision to support Chorfi, who is facing a complaint filed by the National Association of Private Clinics (ANCP) after his accusations. Read Also: Moroccan Private Doctors Protest Against ‘Irresponsible’ Accusation of Tax CheatingANCP “strongly condemned” Chorfi’s accusation in a statement last week, saying that “it was lamentable” that high-profile public servant “formally accuses doctors,” of wrongdoing. In response, UMT called on the Directorate General of Taxes to share data to show the name of private clinics and doctors who do not pay their taxes.The union will also organize a sit-in on May 21 in front of the Ministry of Economy and Finance to support Chorfi’s accusation against private sector doctors. In addition, UMT also urged citizens to boycott private clinics and private sector doctors who do not pay their taxes.Chorfi’s accusation comes after Moroccan officials shared alarming data to warn of the challenges facing the tax system in Morocco.Government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi said earlier this year that “many Moroccans, especially those working in the liberal professions, do not regularize their situation by not filing their tax declarations, whether in terms of income tax, value added, and corporate tax.”El Khalfi said that that 80% of the Value Added Tax (VAT) is paid by only 1.6% of taxpayers.The official added that only 33% of companies report their corporate gains, resulting in low tax compliance and many challenges, especially lack of fiscal neutrality. read more